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Spy Shots of Kia Police Cars in New James Bond Film – Skyfall

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The world’s most famous movie franchise – 007, James Bond – will feature the Kia Optima and Sportage on the side of the good-guys when the next installment, Skyfall, opens this autumn.

During filming in London sharp-eyed Kia owners spotted both models on-set dressed as British Police cars. In one shot, Daniel Craig as Bond was seen running down Whitehall followed by several Kias in full police livery and with flashing lights ablaze and sirens sounding as he chases the villain of this latest Bond movie –  Hollywood A-lister, Javier Bardem.


Although the plot is still very much secret it is understood that Bardem’s character tries to assassinate Bond’s boss, M, played by British actress Judi Dench.

During the sequence, the Kia Optima and Sportage police cars play central action roles as the chaos unfolds and Bond and the police try to block off the central London thorough fare to trap the evil-doers!

Kia Motors UK provided the cars via a “prop” company and Communications Director Stephen Kitson said: “We are very proud to have been asked to support the production crew with vehicles and to have Optima and Sportage at the heart of this part of the film.


Some of our sharp-eyed customers who were in London at the time of filming saw the cars and sent pictures to our Kia-Buzz staff.

The film is due to get its premiere in London in October and then to be screened around the world in the run-up to the winter holiday period.

Check out the official film teaser and see if you can spot the Optima zoom past

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