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Daring innovation.

The Telluride premium hybrid sport-utility vehicle is more than a concept—it dares us to reimagine how a vehicle can fulfill our needs. Its audacity is total, touching its design, luxury, comfort, and technology.






Cabin pleasure.
The abundantly spacious seven-passenger cabin features four black-leather captain's chairs and middle-row foldaway footrests that beckon to almost-decadent comfort. A massive sunroof accentuates the interior's generous appointments and proportions.






Wellness on wheels.
Smart Sensors in the front four seats capture vital health information in real time. Interior door-panel screens display the findings. A Light-Emitted Rejuvenation (LER) system responds with therapeutic light from a wing-shaped, ceiling-mounted LED panel.






Features & Specs
• 3.5-liter V6 hybrid electric powertrain
• 400 combined horsepower
• 30 mpg, highway
• Transverse-mounted powertrain
• Advanced all-wheel drive

• Front and rear-hinged back doors open to 90 degrees
• Largest tiger-nose grille
• Recessed quad-LED headlamps
• Horizontal LED indicator lights
• Polished-metal skid plate
• Hood scoops
• Thin, vertical taillights
• Dual exhaust tips
• 22-in., five-spoke wheels


• Seven seats in three rows
• Four black-leather captain's seats
• Folded third-row bench
• Large sunroof
• Foldaway footrests 
• Fingerprint-activated push-button start
• Wing-shaped, ceiling-mounted LED panel
• Smart Sensors in front four seats reveal passenger health information
• Interior door-panel viewscreens
• 3D-printed dashboard, door panels, and steering wheel
• Light-Emitted Rejuvenation (LER) therapeutic system
• Seven-speaker Harman Kardon® audio system and wireless headphones
• Swipe Command, a touch-sensitive, second-row media-control band 
• Wireless cellphone charging

• Overall Height: 70.9 in.
• Overall Length: 196.9 in.
• Overall Width: 79.1 in.
• Wheelbase: 121.3 in.


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