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Live! Geneva Motor Show Press Conference

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▶ Name: 81th International Motor Show Geneva
▶ Press Conference: March 1st, 2011 ㅣPM 15:45 ~ 16:00 (local Geneva Time)
▶ Public Day: March 3rd (Thur) ~ 13th(Sun), 2011
▶ Place: Hall 6

▶Frequently Asked Questions

[All-new Picanto]

∙ Please give some explanation about the new Kappa engine

The brand-new Kappa 1.2 in-line 4-cylinder 4-valve DOHC engine is optimized in both power and fuel economy with up-to-date technologies such as dual CVVT and high-pressure casted aluminium block.

∙ Is there any indicator to know if the Bi-fuel model of all-new Picanto is running out of LPG?

By checking the fuel gauge in the cluster, you can see the amount of left LPG.

∙ I spend a lot of time in car, listening to music. Can I connect my iPod to all-new Picanto?

Yes, of course.

Specs for horsepower/ torque/power/weight

[1.25-litre 85 ps]
Type / capacity Kappa (4-in-line), DOHC, four-cylinder, with dual CVVT / 1248 cc
Power 85 ps (62.5 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Torque 121 Nm (12.3 kgm) @ 4000 rpm
Weight 955 (max.)

[1.0-litre 82 ps Bi-Fuel]
Type / capacity Kappa (3-in-line), DOHC, three-cylinder, with dual CVVT / 998 cc
Power / torque 82 ps (60 kW) @ 6400 rpm
Torque 94 Nm (9.6 kgm) @ 3500 rpm
Weight 985 (max.)

[1.0-litre 69 ps]
Type / capacity Kappa (3-in-line), DOHC, three-cylinder, with dual CVVT / 998 cc
Power 69 ps (51 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Torque 95 Nm (9.7 kgm) @ 3500 rpm
Weight 945 (max.)

Will 3-door variant available along with 5-door?

Yes, 3-door variant will be in market from following May. However it will be exclusive for Europe.

∙ What colors are available for all-new Picanto?

All-new Picanto’s colors are Clear White, Bright Silver, Titanium Silver, Honey Bee, Lemon Grass, Alice Blue, Milky Beige, Café Mocha, Signal Red and Galaxy Black.

∙ What are the interior options?

Two interior environment colors – ebony black and alpine grey – are complemented by no fewer than four different cloth options, two additional ‘premium’ trim packages, as well as the special pack with its own unique seats in two color combinations. By offering eight very different interior packages – each of which with matching decor details and combinable with an ideal exterior color – Kia has managed to introduce a ‘premium’ level of individualization to the segment.

∙ Do I have diesel power options?

No. Diesel power option will not be available.

∙ What is ESS(Emergency Stop Signal)? How does it work?

Sensors detect when the driver is braking suddenly and hard, and then flash the brake lights three times rapidly to alert following drivers that the car is slowing.

∙ How is CO2 rating?

[1.25-litre 85 ps]
Emissions From 105 g/km (100 g/km when fitted with ISG)

[1.0-litre 82 ps Bi-Fuel]
Emissions From 95 g/km (90 g/km when fitted with ISG)

[1.0-litre 69 ps]
Emissions From 99g/km (95 g/km when fitted with ISG)

∙ How much is the fuel economy?

[1.25-litre 85 ps] Litres / 100 km 4.5

[1.0-litre 82 ps Bi-Fuel] Litres / 100 km 5.9 (LPG)

[1.0-litre 69 ps] Litres / 100 km 4.2

∙ Does it have automatic transmission?

Of course. Automatic transmission is available in 1.25-litre engine and 1.0-litre gasoline in Middle East also features automatic transmission.

∙ What are the specs for audio system?

AUX, iPod and USB connections for the RDS radio CD player with MP3 compatibility.

∙ Where did it manufactured from?

All-new Picanto is manufactured exclusively at Kia’s Seosan plant in Korea.

[All-new Rio]

∙ What is the size of wheel base?

All-new Rio features a wheelbase extended by 70 mm (to 2,570 mm) – greatly enhancing passenger space and cargo capacity.

∙ What’s the storage space like? How much room does it provide?

The trunk space is 100 mm wider and the capacity is now 292 litres – an 8% improvement over the previous model.

∙ Does it provide automatic transmission?

Europe and General Market 4-speed transmission is available with 1.4 MPI.

∙ Does All-new Rio have 5-door and 3-door body style?

Yes, both 5-door and 3-door version will be available.

∙ What are All-new Rio’s exclusive colors?

All-new Rio’s colors underline its refined and stylish character. This includes Wendy Brown and Graphite Grey and both are colors with a classic premium flavor.

∙ Is diesel version available?

In many countries, diesel power is the preferred option in this segment and all-new Rio will be available with two versions of Kia’s ‘U2’ power unit – both fitted with 16-valves and a WGT. The 1.4-litre generates 90 ps and 216 Nm of torque, while the 1.1-litre produces 70 ps and 162 Nm. Both engines deliver maximum torque from just 1,750 rpm.

∙ Tell me more about all-new Rio’s GDI engine

All-new Rio carries its GDI engine with much efficient fuel consumption and CO2.

∙ When can I buy them?

Since the exact date of launch varies by regions and countries, please consult nearby Kia Dealers for accurate dates.

∙ When will 3-door model be available?

3-door production will begin from November this year, and it is expected to reach local markets in the first quarter of 2012.

∙ What are reasons for such a huge design shift from the previous model?

All-new Rio’s bold but elegant appearance is strengthened by the distinctive feature line which adds tension to the flanks and accentuates the dynamic stance of the car. The careful balance of window graphic, wheelbase and overall proportion give Rio a refinement and premium presence which is rare in the B-segment.

∙ Please tell us more about the new 1.2 liter turbo engine. What has been improved?

It is the result of Kia’s downsizing effort, just like VW Polo TSI. Even though it provides 130ps, the CO2 and fuel consumption is more efficient compared to the current MPI Engine.

∙ How is the CO2 emission of all-new Rio?

Its 85g CO2 emissions is the best in B-segment.

∙ Rio’s biggest competitor seems to be Ford Fiester, in the B-segment market. What are Rio’s strengths?

The biggest strength of Rio is the fuel consumption and CO2 level. Also you will also notice its modern and unique design which provides more spacious interior.


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