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A look back of the most popular posts from the first half of 2011

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Hello everyone. Can you believe that time flies so fast and it’s already July!? The first half of 2011 was very important due to new car launches and events such as Geneva motor show, New York motor show, COPA America 2011, etc. To look back of our activities done in first half of 2011, we’d like to introduce you to three of the most popular posts for those of you who may have missed them. Let’s start from the 3rd!

#3. “First Photos of All-new Kia Rio” – February 11, 2011 by the Kia BUZZ Editorial Team http://kia-buzz.com/?p=6629

This post gave a first look at the all-new Rio. The new Rio has a dynamic, sporty stance, strong wedge form and overall proportions. It also includes its own twist on the Kia signature grille, as it is integrated with the headlamps. The all-new Rio comes with an extended wheelbase, greater passenger space and comfort, larger cargo capacity and an interior with a high level of quality that used to only be seen in larger models. Read the post to find out more about the all-new Rio. If you want to learn more about the all-new Rio, visit this microsite: http://www.kia-rio.com


#2. “All-new Picanto Design Story”- March 3, 2011 by the Kia Design Center
This post provided an in-depth, behind-the-scenes description about how the all-new Picanto was designed and created. The all-new Picanto’s design was centered on a new concept, called “Smart Premium.” This concept involves the perfect combination of European-style sophistication and unique details. Designers focused on creating a overall sporty, spacious and safe image for the all-new Picanto. Learn more details about the Picanto’s design story in the full-length post.


#1. “Hot in the City! (All-new Picanto Test Drive)” – February 17, 2011 by Colin Jang
Kia Buzz editor Colin Jang walked readers through a personal test drive of the all-new Picanto. The new Picanto surprised Colin with its vast improvements in design, performance and features. The all-new Picanto comes with great features like rear parking assist, electric folding outside mirrors and a runway style illuminated vanity mirror. Visit the post to get a closer look at the all-new Picanto, especially through the videos showing its many features.


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