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Car Maintenance Tips for Heavy Rain

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How should you take care of your car in the case of a sudden downpour or heavy rain?
Special care is necessary, as a car is more likely to break down during heavy rain and a car’s lifetime is highly dependent on car maintenance. Here are some tips for easy maintenance and the safe use of a car during heavy rain.

1. Checking the tire pressure, batteries and brakes is essential


Driving in the rain is more dangerous than driving in the snow. While snow chains and salt can help prevent accidents on snowy roads, drivers are more helpless on rainy roads. Due to the possibility of hydroplaning on wet roads, it is important to check for the best levels of tire pressure and to take extra care in terms of safety.

During the rainy season, it is recommended to elevate tire pressure within 10 percent of the usual level. It is dangerous to use worn tires. As visibility get worse while driving in heavy rains, turning on the headlights, even during the day, can help to prevent an accident.

It is necessary to check the car battery in advance, as the frequent use of headlights, A/C and the windshield wipers use up much of the battery.

On wet roads, a car that stops well is safer than a car that moves well. Thus, checking the brakes and tire condition is very important.

2. Secure a clear view by taking care of the windshield


If the windshield wipers make a strange sound, it is likely that it is due to gas exhaust from other cars on the window than a faulty wiper blade. As a solution, it is effective to clean the window with a sponge and detergent two or three times. Additionally, the amount of washer water under the hood should be checked. The water’s direction can be easily adjusted with pins.

3. Use an anti-water protector
When there is a lot of rain, water drops gather on the side mirrors and back window, which can distract from safe driving. It is a good idea to put a water-gathering protector on the mirrors and windows. Prior preparation is needed because heavy rains result in many problems with driver visibility.

4. Park in a safe zone


A sudden downpour can flood an area in a very short amount of time. Check if there are any areas that have flooded recently and avoid parking near riversides, streams and under bridges. When there are flood warnings, it is best to move your car uphill or to a safe area where the car can easily be moved.

KiaBuzz will continue to provide a variety of car lifestyle information. Please leave a comment with any questions you may have. Thanks!


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