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Lucky Tour with Kia

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How do you envision the perfect road trip vacation? Kia wants to help realize your dream.
Kia is hosting an overseas road trip event, which also includes a test drive of Kia cars. The contest, called “Lucky Tour with Kia,” can be found on Kia Motors Facebook fan page on a tab under the same name.

The challenge launched globally on June 20. Contest applicants were asked to submit a road trip plan with an itinerary of the entire trip. A selection committee will choose winners based on road trip ideas that convey both Kia’s brand values and the cultural values of the chosen travel destination. A total number of 5 participants will win an opportunity to go on an overseas road trip to one of five popular travel destinations in Italy, Australia, USA, South Korea or Malaysia.

Although Kia has started reviewing candidates (the 5 winners will be announced on Wednesday 21 July), the “Road Trip Mission-idea Contest” is taking place until July 26. In this contest, Kia will choose the best “mission” ideas from fans around the world. The five winning teams will then be asked to complete these select missions during their road trips.

“Lucky Tour with Kia” stories will be posted on the Kia Motors Worldwide Facebook page in early September. Stay tuned for travel stories and vote for the best ones!

For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/Kiamotorsworldwide


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