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Kia Wins Four Design Awards in New Automotive Brand Contest

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Kia is proud to announce that the company has been recognized in Germany for three of our products: the Sportage, the Optima and the all-new Rio. Kia Motors is one of the main winners in the first-ever Automotive Brand Contest.

In the automotive industry, the brand and the brand design are the two most important factors in winning consumers’ hearts.

The Rat für Formgebung (http://bit.ly/1xJ8hH, German Design Council) has decided to recognize this fundamental importance of brand and brand design by organizing the first international brand and design award for the automobile industry. The contest, known as the “Automotive Brand Contest 2011,” honors outstanding achievements of carmakers in the categories of brand management, brand communication and design. The focus is on the integral and consistent use of the brand across all media and its actual products.

The judging panel of the first Automotive Brand Contest declared Kia Motors the worthy winner in two categories. In the “Brand Design” category, where strategy and focus of the brand’s overall design is rated, Kia was recognized as the “Best of the Best.”

For the “Exterior” category, in which the vehicle design itself is the main focus, three Kia models were picked as winners: the compact Sportage CUV, the upcoming Rio B-segment model and the all-new, athletic D-segment Kia Optima sedan. The Kia Optima and Kia Sportage have received prestigious design awards in the past, including the Red Dot Award (Kia Optima: “Best of the Best”) and the iF Product Design Award.
The ceremony will be held on Sep. 13, 2011 in Frankfurt at the Internationale Automobil Ausstellung (IAA), one of the world’s largest automobile fair.


“Winner” in Automobile Exterior
“Best of Best” in Brand Design

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