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The Picanto Nail Art Animation: a Viral Hit!

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Our readers may remember the Picanto Nail Art animation that we first introduced in June here on Kia BUZZ.


Since then, the video has reached over 3.3 million views!

The Picanto Nail Art animation has received positive feedback from customers and media. The video has been covered by media from around the world, from Japan to the United States!  Here’s what some had to say about the Picanto Nail Art animation:

“Hip-hop hamsters made the funky-fresh Kia Soul a widely recognized and sought-after vehicle, with sales numbers to prove it. Could the European Picanto be the next big thing? Perhaps, provided the company nails (pun intended) the TV spots.” — Automobile Magazine

“The new Kia Picanto ad is energetic, unique and different. The company hopes to get the attention of many female buyers. That alone sets the company apart from competitors like Renalut Twingo, Ford Ka and Fiat 500.” – Torque News

“This certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about automotive world firsts, but we have to admit that we like it.”- Autoevolution

“Interesting and also weirdly Kia in its quirkiness, the little animation is sure to hit with the target market of city-dwelling ladies who like cute, zippy cars in candy colors.” – Adweek

Now a special director’s cut is available as an epilogue to the Picanto Nail Art animation! See if you can find what is different between the full version and the director’s cut. Watch both at the link below.

You can also download an MP3 of the background music for the video, which was specially made for the all-new Picanto.

For a one-stop spot for everything Picanto:



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