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Chevrolet Cruze, Jeep Wrangler and Kia Soul Are Hot Sellers In 2011

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According to Advertising Age, a sister publication to Automotive News, Chevrolet‘s Cruze, Kia‘s Soul and Jeep‘s Wrangler are among America’s top 25 hottest products for 2011, alongside Dove soap, Arizona Tea, Goldfish crackers, Sharpie markers and the Forever 21 clothing chain.

There’s no doubting those three vehicles’ success, but we’d be willing to debate that they belong in America’s 25 hottest products. But nonetheless, the Cruze has sold more than 200,000 units as of October, which allowed it to surpass the Malibu as GM’s hottest selling model. Media spending by Chevrolet totaled more than $1.1 billion last year with a huge bulk of it towards marketing the Cruze’s 40-mpg fuel economy rating.

The good ‘ol Kia Soul has benefited from collaborating with stylish and hip hamsters, perfectly targeting younger buyers. Through October, Kia has racked up 405,095 in total sales, with over 85,000 of those being Souls. We’re not really sure if the Soul is a hot new product or if the hamsters are just that cool.

Lastly, Jeep’s Wrangler is Jeep’s best-selling vehicle with 101,820 vehicles sold through October. Their partnership with virtual Wranglers and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans probably won’t hurt either. By bringing together live action and game footage, Jeep is clearly targeting a huge audience and perhaps a different market with their Wrangler. Jeep as a brand has had overall sales up 44-percent this year through October.

[source: Automotive News]

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