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  1. Kia Motors invigorates UEFA Women’s EURO 2017

    The Netherland’s Orange emerged victorious at the Women’s EURO 2017! The UEFA EURO Women’s Championship 2017 successfully came to a close with the host country defeating Denmark by two goals in a thrilling final match. The Netherlands channeled the support of the home crowd into passion and vigor, dominating in all six games of the tournament and deservedly taking home the crown. The Dutch team became the first host to win the championship since Germany in 2001. As a proud and passionate sponsor of sports and sportsmanship, Kia Motors has maintained its position as a major UEFA sponsor since 2006. This year, we did our part as the exclusive vehicle and transport provider for the event. Prior to kick off, Kia held an official handover ceremony at the Netherlands’ Sparta Rotterdam Stadium. Kia handed over a fleet of 133 vehicles consisting of the Niro, Carens, cee’d, Optima Sportswagon, Sportage and Sorento. The safe, reliable and award-winning fleet was used to safely and efficiently transport participating teams as well as officials and VIP guests during the tournament. On Kia’s sponsorship of Women’s Euro, Léan Verstoep, Managing Director of Kia Motors Netherlands, explained, “Through our involvement, we are able to present ourselves as a brand that makes high-quality cars for sporty people who are young in spirit and support the development of women’s football in Europe.” As per tradition, Kia also selected 31 Official Match Ball Carriers (OMBCs) earlier this year, providing a dream-come-true opportunity for young female football fans to meet their heroines and open the matches by delivering the official match ball to the field. On July 16, the very first ball carrier Esra Neter from Amstelveen, Netherlands kicked-off the tournament. Esra expressed gratitude for the experience as well as her strong ambition to one day join the Netherlands Women’s National Football team. With unwavering passion to deliver an unforgettable experience of the world’s greatest sports to global fans, we will continue to be deeply committed to supporting and furthering international sports events. Stay tuned for more sponsorship endeavors from Kia! ▶ Read about the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia! Lees volledige artikel
  2. Kia Anniversary – What happened in August 1973?

    Q: What notable event occurred in August 1973? Forty-four years ago in 1973, the Kia Brisa B-1000 model rolled off Kia’s assembly line to replace the three-wheeled mini trucks released in the 1960s. As one of the first automobiles to be assembled in Korea, the Brisa pick-up marked the start of domestic automobile production in the country. Kia Brisa B-1000 pick-up truck Kia Brisa four-door sedan Manufactured in the newly built Sohari production facility, the Brisa pick-up was a beta model for the popular four-door sedan to follow the year after. The model line was an overall success and in 1975 the Brisa pick-up also became the first Kia to be exported when 31 units were shipped to the Middle East. Kia Brisa models being transported for export The Brisa’s introduction to export markets is a significant moment in history for Kia Motors. As the brand’s first attempt at producing commercial four-wheeled motor vehicles, the success of the Brisa pick-up and sedan signified the company’s potential for growth among competing automakers at the time. Soon after, Kia began to develop and introduce numerous successful models, growing and thriving to where we are today. ▶ Kia tops J.D. Power IQS ranking two years running! What do you think about the Kia Brisa? Just as we did with our very first vehicle, Kia will not waver in our mission to deliver quality automobiles to the world. Stay tuned to find out more about important moments in Kia’s brand history! ▶ Read more Kia Anniversary stories and learn interesting tidbits about Kia’s brand history! Lees volledige artikel
  3. “The Cadenza is for people who want to step up in the world. They may need more space or features than their money can get them in the luxury market, so they end up here. And I think they’ll love it.” Click to Read More Lees volledige artikel
  4. Top 10 Best Family Cars for Under $30,000

    Although crossovers and SUVs are starting to dominate the market when it comes to family cars, there are still a few minivans available that deserve your attention. It’s not easy shopping for a family car and keeping your budget under $30,000, but you might be surprised at how many options there are out there. Also, it’s worth noting that a couple great family cars miss the mark for costing more than $30,000 including destination – like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. They’re both worth a look if you’re willing to go slightly over the budget. SEE ALSO: Best Three-Row Vehicles of 2017: Consumer Reports Since most three-row crossovers and SUVs cost over $30,000, we decided to take a look at certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles as well. You can probably grab yourself a good deal on the used market for one of these family cars if you’re not adamant about getting a brand new model. 10. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (New) Unfortunately, the larger Hyundai Santa Fe starts at $31,750, but if you don’t need the extra room, the Santa Fe Sport is a great option with a starting price of $26,245. That also makes it one of the most affordable vehicles on the list. Read our Hyundai Santa Fe Review 9. Acura MDX (Used) If you want to hop into a brand new Acura MDX, you’ll be shelling out around $45,000. But shop on Acura’s CPO website and you can find used ones for under $30,000. In fact, you might even manage to get your hands on a 2015 model year, although it will have around 50,000 miles. Read our Acura MDX Review 8. Nissan Rogue As one of the most popular crossovers available, the Nissan Rogue is priced from $25,380, making it the cheapest brand new car on the list. If you’re looking to add a third row, it is available on the Family Package for $1,190 additional, which still keeps it well under $30,000. There’s even a hybrid variant available with a starting price of $27,600. Read our Nissan Rogue Review 7. Chrysler Pacifica* (New) The Chrysler Pacifica cheats a little to get on the list. That’s because the minivan starts from $30,090 including destination, and while that barely puts it over the $30,000 threshold, the Pacifica is too good of a family car to leave off the list. It heralds from the same automaker that brought years of minivan expertise to the market with the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country, and it shows with how complete of a package the Pacifica is. Read our Chrysler Pacifica Review 6. Chevrolet Tahoe (Used) For decades, the full-sized Chevrolet Tahoe has transported families all across North America. A brand new model will set you back $48,510, which means your best bet is to search the used car market if you want one. There are plenty of 2013 model year units available for under $30,000 and if you’re lucky, you might be able to find a 2014 model. Read our Chevrolet Tahoe Review 5. Kia Sedona (New) Priced from $27,850, the Kia Sedona is one of the most affordable new minivans available in today’s market. The Korean automaker also has a variety of crossovers and SUVs available, including the Kia Sorento that starts from $26,740. Read our Kia Sedona Review 4. 2017 Chevrolet Traverse / 2017 GMC Acadia (New) There’s a new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse getting ready to hit the market, which means you can likely find a good deal on a 2017 model year as dealers look to clear them off the lot. If you don’t absolutely need the latest and greatest, the 2017 Chevrolet Traverse starts from $29,595. The new 2018 model year has a starting price of $30,875. There’s also the GMC Acadia that’s all-new for the 2017 model year with a starting price of $29,995 – barely sneaking in. Read our GMC Acadia Review 3. Mazda CX-9 (Used) A brand new Mazda CX-9 is a bit off the $30,000 mark with a starting price of $32,460. But that means it’s not too difficult to find a used or CPO model for under $30,000 or even in the low-$20,000 range. Read our Mazda CX-9 Review 2. Toyota Highlander (Used) A brand new 2017 Toyota Highlander will set you back $31,590, but given that Toyota’s known for its reliability, it’s not a bad choice to purchase used. CPO models are available between $20,000 to $30,000 depending on model year and mileage. Read our Toyota Highlander Review 1. Ford Expedition (Used) A new 2017 Ford Expedition will set you back $48,320 (including destination), but there are quite a few gems on the used car market. You can even get yourself a 2016 model for under $30,000 through Ford’s CPO program by searching its website. Read our Ford Expedition Review The post Top 10 Best Family Cars for Under $30,000 appeared first on News. Lees volledige artikel
  5. Kia Stinger x GQ collaboration steals spotlight of the city

    Kia Stinger is a new street style icon. Kia Motors teamed up with GQ magazine to introduce Kia’s first ever true gran turismo that has realized a perfect transition from concept to production. Apart from its heart-pounding performance, the Stinger boasts a breathtaking design that combines imposing proportions with elegance and aggressive dynamism. Great design can be difficult to define, but with just one glance at the Stinger – you’ll know why all eyes are on this trendsetter. The overall concept of this collaborative project takes its cue from the philosophy of the legendary street style photographer Bill Cunningham, who pioneered the notion that the true home of groundbreaking fashion is on the urban streets. The photographer for the project, Hagop Kalaidjian, beautifully captures the iconic fashion, design and innovation born on the streets and how the high-styled Stinger is perfectly tailored for the city lifestyle. A sporty and aggressively-styled fastback, the Stinger exudes irresistible confidence and undeniable luxury. Created for city enthusiasts who seek luxury and the thrill of driving, the Stinger is a truly unique premium sports sedan with the perfect balance of elegance and athleticism. Aside from its good looks, the Stinger provides functionality that is perfectly suited for the city. As the highest-performing production vehicle in Kia’s history, it boasts distinctively powerful and dynamic performance, perfect for wowing the crowds of a bustling metropolis. The Stinger x GQ magazine collaboration impeccably demonstrates the seamless blend of the Stinger and today’s urban lifestyle. This street photography collection embodies, without a doubt, the new paradigm of grand touring – and how the Stinger combines power, grace and unparalleled luxury for soul-stirring driving. ▶ Visit our Worldwide Facebook to see more from the Stinger X GQ magazine project Lees volledige artikel
  6. Honk honk beep beep! Car horns explained

    The car horn is one of the most elementary and basic tools for communication in a vehicle. Used to warn and notify others of your presence and approach, the horn is a signal that has persisted since before the emergence of automobiles. The first standard electric car horn was developed in 1910 in England. As more and more motor vehicles started to emerge on the roads, horns became a necessity for warning nearby cars and drivers during traffic congestion. Vehicle horns in the past were operated by a suspended lever or a spoke – called a horn ring – located on the side of the steering wheel. With more development, the horn was moved to the center of the steering wheel, and the rim blow steering wheel that we see today was born. The relocated horn proved to be much easier to access while driving. ▶ Read about the future of steering wheels! In the past, horns from different automakers each possessed their own distinct sounds and pitch as there were no regulations regarding the device. However, over time, most automobile manufacturers chose standardized tones. This standardization was mostly intended to ensure safety. If all horn tones were different, wouldn’t drivers have a harder time recognizing the signs and noises meant to call attention or warn of potential danger? As sound variations may undermine the basic function of vehicle horns, very few brands have maintained their own unique multi-tone sound to this day. Most brands now utilize single-tone horns that are tuned to E-flat or C on the musical scale or dual-tones set to a higher F-sharp or A-sharp. While vehicle horns may be strident and unpleasant at times, they produce a noise that we cannot and should not go without. However, it seems that horns are being excessively overused in large cities and certain countries of the world. It is important to always remember that while the horn is your friend in cases of danger, overusing the device may actually impair road safety. It is important to use horns sparingly as a device to warn and not as a weapon to bully others on the road. Lees volledige artikel
  7. These Are The Four Best Kia Sedans In 2017

    If you are in the market for a new 4-door sedan, we suggest that you give the Kia sedan line-up some serious thought. All of the models available are extremely well designed, and are also reliable, fuel efficient, and incredibly … Continue reading → Lees volledige artikel
  8. [The Drive] The 2017 Kia Niro Is a Great Hybrid. Really.

    “The Niro has the potential to break that cycle, to convince people that a hybrid can deliver on the high-mileage promise without making its owner look like a twit or a starving student. ” Click to Read More Lees volledige artikel
  9. Ik heb het zelfde probleem met Mn Kia Sorento diesel bouwjaar 2007 als ik las op Google afslaan even wachten en hij start weer erg lastig terwijl je net aan inhalen bent filter al vernieuwd is er iemand die het werkelijke probleem weet 

  10. Keep your Kia cool and problem-free under the summer sun

    With the days getting hotter, many of you are probably planning a summer getaway with your Kia. Kia BUZZ wants to make sure your driving is delightful, rain or shine, so here we bring you some tips for driving in the heat and rain. Prevent Damage from the Sun Leaving your car under the hot sun for a long time can be really bad for your car, and potentially hazardous. On a scorching summer day at 30°C (86℉), the temperature inside the car can rise up to 80°C (176℉) in just a few hours. Don’t leave electronic devices including smart phones, laptops and portable batteries in the car, and don’t forget that aerosol sprays, lighters and even soda cans and bottles can explode in extreme temperatures. What to do with the devices attached to the car such as GPS systems or dashboard cameras? Covering your dash with a sunshade is a good idea. The protective materials will reflect the strong rays coming from the outside and make sure the interior stays relatively cooler. The best way to prevent any issues ahead of time is to park in the shade. However, most of the time, those perfect spots are already taken. In those cases, try parking in the opposite direction to the sun. The rear window of the car is smaller and at a steeper angle than the front windshield which will help avoid direct sun rays from entering your vehicle. Stay Prepared for Rainy Days Summer months also mean rain in many parts of the world.. When the roads are wet, a layer of water builds up between the wheels and the road, lowering traction and thus reducing vehicle handling and control while driving. Tires with even minimal cracks and abrasions should be replaced ahead of time and tire pressure must be kept slightly higher than usual to gain extra traction. Ever notice a moldy smell inside your car after it rains? Bacteria and smelly mold thrive in damp and humid environments. To remove any mold that may have built up, visit your service center to have you air filter checked. Also, make it a habit to turn off the air conditioner and switch to the air-circulation mode five minutes before you end your drive. This will give the cabin air filter time to air-dry. Keep these tips in mind for sensible and pleasant driving during the summer. Plan a getaway with your Kia and unleash yourself for some warm weather fun! ▶ Read about facts and misconceptions about window tinting treatment Lees volledige artikel
  11. “The Niro has decent acceleration and performs well on the open highway. I’m not a fan of CVTs and was really pleased with the Niro’s six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. Shifts were smooth and quick and my overall drive experience was quite good and without complaint.” Click to Read More Lees volledige artikel
  12. Range-Topping 2018 Kia Optima SX – What’s The Cost?

    The 2018 Kia Optima midsize sedan, manufactured in Georgia at the West Point plant, is being carried over for the third straight year with a few small changes. The Optima is as stylish and fun to ride as ever, with … Continue reading → Lees volledige artikel
  13. 2018 Kia Optima Pricing & Trim Level Changes

    Kia Motors America have released some new details about the upcoming 2018 Optima sedan. The information on the new model can be found on the media page for Kia, and includes changes to the Optima, as well as updated pricing. … Continue reading → Lees volledige artikel
  14. The heart-pounding performance of the Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger represents a number of firsts for Kia Motors. Not only is it the brand’s first fastback sports sedan, but it is also our highest performance model to date. Countless decisions regarding design and engineering were made during the car’s conception in order to generate the heart-pounding performance of the Stinger GT. As a true gran turismo, Kia Stinger places a strong emphasis on high-speed and long distance driving. Let’s learn about the features that make the Stinger stand out from the rest of the pack. High Speed and Power A gran turismo must be able to reach top speeds anywhere under any circumstances. In order to satisfy this requirement, the Stinger comes available with a selection of highly capable turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines. The 3.3-liter twin-turbo engine of the GT specification generates 370 horsepower and delivers an impressive 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds. Furthermore, the Stinger features an advanced “Launch Control” function that assists in generating maximum power when accelerating from a standing start. This electronic aid limits the wheel spin of the sports sedan, allowing the vehicle to accelerate more rapidly. To deliver on its high performance intentions, a brand new medium-sized rear-wheel drive platform was engineered for the Stinger. Everything from the engine room layout to weight distribution of the car has been rearranged and optimized. The low center of gravity and stiffness of the vehicle body keeps the Stinger lightweight and well-equipped for maximized driving performance and fuel efficiency. The reorganized layout reduces flow resistance to the front of the engine which leads to a much more effective engine cooling process. The Stinger has also been subjected to rigorous testing all around the world. Starting with basic environmental testing at the Namyang R&D Center in Korea, the Stinger has also successfully endured the deserts of Death Valley California, rugged mountain ranges of the Alps, the Nurburgring circuit of Germany and the arctic freeze of Arjeplog, Sweden. With all tests satisfactorily completed, the Stinger has proven its excellent durability and performance. Stability and Comfort Another aspect of importance for a gran turismo is its ability to provide a comfortable and stable long distance driving experience. Kia Stinger employs a softer, more adaptive suspension that adjusts firmness based on road conditions. To ensure smooth and stable driving performance, Kia has paid special attention to fine tuning the suspension of the Stinger. Employing high quality suspension links, springs and shock absorbers, Kia has refined tire movement to prevent spinning on sudden turns – a problem that can occur with rear-wheel drive vehicles. The Stinger is also the first model in our line-up to offer five different driving modes – Personal, Eco, Sport, Comfort and Smart – for more customized and responsive handling on the road. With increased body sealing and improved sound insulation, Kia has also boosted NVH performance for a pleasant and silent ride. Kia has devoted countless hours to developing and shaping the Kia Stinger into a true gran turismo. With innovative refinements and rigorous fine-tuning, our sports sedan is shaping up to be an iconic model that usher in a new era of design and performance for the brand. We hope you look forward to the arrival of the Kia Stinger in Kia dealerships near you! Lees volledige artikel
  15. Kia Motors News July 2017 Recap

    We always do our best to keep you up with all that’s happening in the world of Kia, but with the stories coming thick and fast, we understand that some news items may not be seen by everyone. Since we … Continue reading → Lees volledige artikel