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Become a Superhero in this Batman-Inspired Optima

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Kia Motors America teamed up with DC Entertainment and RIDES magazine to create a brooding, Batman-inspired Optima that goes on display this week at New York’s Time Warner Center and signals the beginning of a 10-month partnership based on the iconic characters that make up the Justice League.

The Batman-themed Optima is the first of eight customized Kia vehicles representing characters from the Justice League to benefit DC Entertainment‘s ―’We Can Be Heroes’giving campaign, a relief effort to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Influenced by the artistry of comic book icon, Jim Lee, the Kia super hero vehicles will become a force for good in the world by raising awareness of DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign. Fitting for the caped crusader’s dark and mysterious personality, Kia’s range-topping Optima SX Limited wraps cutting-edge technology and premium amenities in a sleek, aggressive design customized with several unique Batman elements.


Working together, Kia, DC Entertainment and RIDES magazine designed and built the Batman-themed Optima.

The modifications at a glance

  • Transformed exterior with a matte- and piano-black paint scheme
  • Dramatically lowered coil over suspension and muscular ground effects kit
  • Huge Ksport performance brakes for extreme stopping power
  • Custom-designed 20-inch black wheels and a performance exhaust system.
  • Other exterior modifications include a custom front grille shaped like a batwing that took over 40 hours to create, yellow LED lighting accents throughout the vehicle and the iconic bat signal etched into the HID headlights.


Moving beneath the cape, the Optima‘s seating surfaces are costumed in custom black leather and suede with bold yellow accent stitching. Gotham City‘s streets are full of villains and the Batman-themed Optima is ready for action at a moment‘s notice with a Bat suit and cowl mounted in the trunk and utility throwing stars installed in the center console.


As Kia‘s sales have grown, so has the company‘s role as a responsible corporate citizen, and the Batman-themed Optima furthers those efforts with two video screens in the front-seat headrests that will raise awareness about the worst hunger crisis in 60 years by featuring a custom“We Can Be Heroes” video that demonstrates how one small act can make anyone a hero.

What do you think?

  • This Batman-themed Optima is the first of eight customized Kia vehicles representing characters from the Justice League to benefit DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign. Which superhero Kia vehicle would you like to see next?

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