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These Kia Souls are Ready for Halloween

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Who said Halloween costumes are only for people (and cute pets)? Today on Kia BUZZ, we’re going to highlight some dressed up Kia Souls that have been customized and stylized to give some added flair to their character. Let’s take a look.


Let’s start with pro-golfer Michelle Wie’s customized Soul, which has her own personal artwork painted on the front & rear doors.


Here’s a red hot Soul courtesy of the Kia’s Soul Hamsters, which features black exterior graphics, a rear spoiler, black fender vents, rear bumper appliqué and 18 inch alloy wheels.


This white tiger edition Soul has a bright white exterior with gray graphics, color-keyed bumpers, a sporty rear spoiler, 18 inch black alloy wheels, black fender exits, a rear bumper appliqué and alloy fuel door.


This chic polka dotted convertible Soul is the work of Korean fashion designer Nora Noh.


Swedish fashion designer Lars Wallin shows off his Kia Soul, which features platinum gold chrome-detailed wheels, side mirrors and windshield wipers.


Atlanta-based graffiti artist “Hense” worked on this wicked looking Soul, themed with characters from Adult Swim’s ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’.


…And here’s what’s to come very soon. Can you guess which DC Comics ‘Justice League’ member this Soul is dressed up as? We’ll have more shots of this soon!

These are just a few of our favorite dressed-up Kia Souls from the past, and its 2-box styling is a perfect canvas for creating an endless array of custom paint jobs and modification. Does it kind of make you want to customize your own ride?


Batman Kia Optima

In the spirit of Halloween, we also wanted to call out our recently revealed Batman Kia Optima, which is a part of Kia Motors America’s and DC Entertainment’s charity fight hunger campaign entitled ‘You Can Be Heroes’

We will reveal more Kia vehicles dressed up as your favorite DC Comics superheroes very soon right here on Kia BUZZ, so stay tuned for more.


Kia Motors wishes you a fun and safe Halloween!

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Tell us what you think

If you could have your car dressed up and customized for Halloween, what would you want it to be? Tell us in the comments section below.

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