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Capturing the Driving Experience via Science and Media Arts

Kiaclub Nieuwsrobot

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Kia Motors creates a visual symphony of art and science.

The best driving experience comes from the perfect connection between car and driver – a give-and-take relationship that dates back to when the wheel was first invented. Car owners often describe their vehicles as an extension of themselves. So it comes as no surprise that people can develop passionate and emotional bonds with their cars. We all know someone out there who loves their car with more than just sentimental value. You know who we’re talking about, and it might even be you – the three-hour double coat waxing devotee who probably even nicknamed their ride like a sea boat captain. It’s OK, we’re car people and totally get it.


There is definitely something going on between people and cars, so what if we could capture and turn these emotional connections into images? Kia Motors set out to do exactly that in a never before attempted project to visualize real-time emotions of driving through digital art. Our lab researchers teamed up with media artists to setup a special ‘Vehicle Research & Testing Lab.’ We put a set of drivers in the all-new Kia Cerato, hooked them up to physiological monitoring equipment, and let them hit the road while factoring in multiple variables into the driving equation such as speed and track conditions.

 Cerato Digital Croquis Art is Born

 So what were the results? Honestly, we got a bunch of squiggly lines, tons of zeroes and ones, and a lot of technical ‘mumbo-jumbo.’ Although all of this made plenty of sense to our lab researchers, it’s our team of media artists who transformed this output into a visual symphony they called “Cerato Digital Croquis Art” – a 3D digital art visualization that demonstrates how the driving experience and emotions stirred by the all-new Cerato can be brought to life.


You can see the sneak peek of our Cerato Digital Croquis Art at our newly launched Cerato Museum, where you can find out everything there is to know about the new Cerato.


Learn more about this project on Kia Motors Worldwide’s Facebook page– Facebook users will be given a chance to create their own Digital Croquis Art through a Facebook app which is coming soon, so we encourage all of you to give it a try.

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