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April Kia Fan Photos of the Month

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Last month, we did a call for entries asking Kia-Buzz readers to send us photos of their Kia rides, whips, rigs and ‘insert hip lingo for a car’ – We want to give a hat tip to all participants because you proved to be quite the photographers. We got a lot of entries and it’s a shame we can’t post them all, but here is the first roll out of five rides we selected for the April fan photos of the month.


I’m Patrick from Quebec, Canada, also known as FMuscle on SoulHamsters.com, the premier forum for Soul owners. I took this picture in my backyard, but I also took the Soul out for pictures in Niagara Falls, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Myrtle Beach, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, New Orleans, Dallas and many others. The Soul is a great road trip vehicle, plenty of room to sleep in if need arises, and is a great in most situations!

Awesome Kia Soul, Patrick! That decal work makes its tiger-nose grille look like wild cat out in the jungle!


Hi, I’m Ivan from Penang, Malaysia. I just brought my Kia Forte last year July. I love my Kia more than I can say. How about you guys?

Hey Ivan, we love our Kias too, more than we can say. The street styling on it gives it a real edge. Be sure to stay tuned an upcoming article featuring an profile on Mark Ingalls, founder of street-kiaz.com, a street tuning Kia enthusiast community.


My name is Bill. I live in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.  This is my 2009 Kia Rio named “Pumpkin”.

 Ontario sure looks beautiful Bill. It was raining yesterday here at our Seoul office. Your Pumpkin sure suits the backdrop of that lovely scenery.


Hello, my name is Justin and I’m from the USA, and this is my 2011 Kia Optima SX. The moment I laid eyes on the Optima in January of 2011, I knew that I had to have this car. And less than 3 months after graduation from college I turned my dream into a reality! I’ve been smiling ever since, and am now a Kia fan for life!

What a way to top your college graduation with some new wheels. The Kia Optima SX is an impressive work of performance and art. Thanks for sharing.


Hello! My name is Sean Ooi from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! It all started with the first generation 4 speed Kia Forte 1.6 SX. All of us loved the design and how highly equipped (and safe) it was! Now, my entire family drives a Kia. This is how much we love Kia!


Wow Sean, your family Kia photo is soon going to take place of our screensavers–We’re happy to hear your family is enjoying Kia. Thanks for this amazing photo.

We’d like to thank everyone for sharing photos of their rides and we encourage everyone to join in and share your Kia with our community. Submit your photo to become Kia Fan photo of May!

Learn More

Longing to show off your own Kia? Go here and submit now!

Call out for Kia Fan Photo Submissions


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