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Kia Motors Facebook #Makesure Campaign

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We’d like to introduce you to a campaign we’ve been pushing on our Facebook page and Twitter account called “#Makesure.” Why? Because we wanted to‘make sure’ you get the most out of the Kia experience by calling out those little things that make a big difference – whether it’s styling, safety or convenience features. Let’s go through some of our #Makesure postings so you get the idea of what we’re talking about.


Fold up tray in the new Carens: The backs of both driver and front passenger seats are fitted with convenient trays that feature an additional cup holder for extra convenience of the 2nd row seat occupants.


Rear Entertainment System in Kia Quoris: Rear seat passengers are treated to a first-class entertainment experience thanks to twin 9.2 inch monitors set into the back of each front seat, so you can sit back and enjoy rich multimedia in various video formats along with premium sound quality.



Comfortable surroundings in Kia Cerato: An advanced climate control system means you and your passengers can relax on every journey, all year round. A heated steering wheel and seat warmers provide reassuring comfort on cold days, while automatic air conditioning and an air-ventilated driver’s seat keep you cool when the temperature rises. An auto defog system activates by itself when condensation is detected on the windshield glass, and a cluster ionizer ensures air flowing into the car is clean and odor-free.


Driver’s Knee Airbag in Kia Quoris: In the event of a crash, the driver’s knee airbag deploys to prevent injury to the lower body by offering extra protection for the driver’s legs and feet from impact with the steering column and instrument panel.


Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS) in Carens: Activated by a switch next to the gear knob, SPAS makes rear parallel parking a breeze by detecting available space and then automatically turning the steering wheel while providing visual gearshift instructions via the supervision cluster display. Front and rear parking sensors alert you to obstructions while via an audible signal that increases in intensity as your vehicle gets closer to an object.

By paying attention to finer details, we hope we can provide the best possible driver and passenger experience. We’ll continue to #makesure you’re satisfied.

For more #makesure postings, be sure to check out:


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