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The French Red Cross, Spies, Car Chases and Kia – Link II

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How do you get a YouTube audience’s attention away from “Kittens doing ______” and towards helping important humanitarian causes like a children’s hospital? You make a super slick action-packed spy thriller. And that’s exactly what Kia Motors France, the French Red Cross and filmmakers Franck Guedj & Daniel Bésikia set out to do via a viral independent French film called LINK II.

The Story

A special agent from a covert group known as LINK travels to Korea on a mission to retrieve a metal canister that has unknown contents. It needs to be brought back to a drop off point in the Margency Children’s Hospital in France. The mission is all going according to plan when the canister is suddenly stolen by a mysterious group of men wearing orange tactical suits. LINK agents must stop at nothing to retrieve the package before it’s too late. This is where the action really kicks into high gear as the plot thickens – will the canister reach the children’s hospital? And What does it contain? These answers will be revealed in the 42 minute long film scheduled for its online debut this October.

The movie is meant to symbolize the solidarity between a dedicated group of people who work together to reach a common goal by overcoming challenges and obstacles. This concept represents some of the core values shared by Kia Motors Corporation and The Red Cross. Kia Motors France supported this cause not only financially, but by also helping the filmmakers gain access to Kia vehicles for transportation and stunt sequences, providing interesting shooting locations like our global headquarters in Seoul and even having some of our staff members lend their hand as characters and extras in the film.


 French actress ‘Lorie” playing as Agent 002

Several French film industry talent and affiliated groups participated for free on this challenging project, which was operating on a minimal budget. These noble celebrities are ‘Lorie’ (actress), Mimie Mathy (actress), Taïg Khris (Roller World Champion), Didier Gustin (actor), Alain Bour (stunt man) and the following gorups La Garde Républicaine, La Compagnie motocycliste de la Police Nationale, le GIGN, le RAID

“LINK II” will be released online as a pay-per-view video with all collected proceeds going towards the Red Cross – Margency Children’s Hospital project known as “Parents House.” If you’re looking for an action-packed thriller and are open to supporting a good cause, then definitely check it out.


Here’s a preview of Link II

Stay tuned for more news about the film as we get closer to its premier in October.


More about Parents House


Kia Motors France is supporting “Parents House,” a project organized by the Children Hospital of Margency, which is operated by the French Red Cross. The hospital is privately funded, but open to the public for children aged from a few weeks up to 17 year old who are in need of post-operation care and treatment. During these treatments, the presence of parents is very important to children, and this is where Kia Motors France has come in to lend a hand.

 Parents are currently hosted in a temporary building, so the Red Cross’ is planning to build a “Parents House,” which costs 3.5 million Euros and will be located adjacent to the main hospital building. They still need to raise another 2 million Euros to make this project happen, so Kia Motors France has been supporting this cause by organizing events to increase awareness of the “Parents House” project in order to generate donations, one of which is the Link II online film event.


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