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September Kia Fan Photos of the Month

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As the weather cools down with fall season upon us, it’s time for our September series of Kia Fan Photos of the Month. We hope you enjoy this month’s rides!


My name is Marc St. Louis and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I LOVE my 2010 Vanilla Shake Kia Soul. My Soul is the kind of vehicle designed to have fun with. I always get people asking me what kind of car is that. I belong to the Soul Club of Ontario, a club that has GREAT Cars and Great people.  We are always attending Soul Meets and Excursions together. Love my Soul. Thanks Kia.


Hi Marc, this photo looks like a desktop wallpaper or calendar shot. We’re glad to hear you’re having a great time with your Vanilla Shake Kia Soul. We would like to hear more about your club, and we might be able to feature you guys in a future post. Thanks for sharing and we hope to see more amazing photos of your striking Kia Soul!


Hi there, I’m James from Phoenix, AZ and this is my 2011 Kia Forte SX. I entered my Forte into a Track Day event where I had one of the most entertaining driving experiences of my life. Can’t wait to do it again!!


Hi James, You look like a professional race car driver with the way you’re taking that corner! Feel free to share more photos. We would love to see more images of you and your Kia Forte at another Track Day event. Also, be sure to send us more details on the driving experience with the Kia Forte SX.


Our beautiful Picanto, just finished the polishing program from Autoglym, here from Norway in Gjelleråsen 

Bling bling, that Pincanto has got some shine! Thanks for sharing this photo all the way from Norway! We’ve heard Norway has stunning mountain and coastal scenery and we’d love to see more images of your Picanto amid the beautiful Norwegian sites.


Pittsburgh native.


Here is a Kia Soul from Pittsburgh. It definitely seems like this owner is an adventure seeking, owning a Kia Soul and going canoeing! Please share more of your adventures with the Kia Buzz community with your Kia!


That wraps up September’s Fan Photos of the Month


Before the weather gets any cooler, be sure to enjoy a scenic drive with the windows down and see the autumn leaves change color. Don’t be shy to share pictures of your Kia with the fall foliage decorating the landscape! It would be perfect for our October series and we would love to feature your images next month.



Submit your fan photos here!



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