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Kia Motors brand value increases by 15% to USD 4.7 billion

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Kia Motors Corporation has increased its brand value by 15% over the past year to reach the 83rd position on the exclusive list of ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands,’ according to a 2013 study released today by Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy agency.

Kia first entered the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands’ last year, coming in 87th place, but has since risen four spots to reach an estimated brand value of USD 4.7 billion. This represents a 15%, or USD 619 million, increase from last year’s estimated brand value and far exceeds the overall top 100 brands’ average value growth rate of 8.4%.

Strategic brand building activities in 2013 have included the continued roll out of “A Different Beat,” a newly developed brand identity system that embodies three core brand characteristics: vibrant, distinctive and reliable, inspired by the notion of how a musical beat can move people. Check out the Kia Beat video commercial below.

This new brand identity system is being driven across Kia’s global network both internally and externally and has paved the way for innovative marketing initiatives such as the collaborative branded entertainment campaign with DreamWorks Animation’s “The Croods” motion picture for the global launch of the all-new Carens MPV (known as ‘Rondo’ in some markets). Live vicariously through the Croods family to experience their exciting adventure with Kia Carens. For more information, click here for the recap of the promotional campaign on Kia Buzz.



In the U.S., the new brand identity system has given added momentum to Kia’s cutting-edge leadership in music, with significant credibility gained within the industry and with consumers thanks to continuing sponsorship of the MTV Music Awards and Van’s Warped Tour, along with the successful Soul hamster ad series and Super Bowl ads.

To get ready for the all-new 2014 Soul, Kia Motors’ hamsters hit the gym to the sounds of Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause” and impresses their fans with their new look.


See the hamsters hit the gym below and transform! Don’t they look great? We hope these adorable hamsters are a motivation to hit the gym and get ready for the all-new 2014 Soul!



In addition, striking an appeal with Kia’s young-at heart target customers through major sports sponsorships such as the FIFA World Cup, Australian Open and NBA, along with a strong focus on digital and social marketing, have been key components driving the Kia brand forward globally. Over the past few years the Kia brand has garnered a significant presence within the digital realm by taking an innovative communications approach in connecting with customers online. Kia has more than 250 global and local social media profiles that constitute a reach of some 1.4 billion people who are having more than 300,000 Kia-related conversations daily in the form of comments, sharing, postings and mentions.

This latest recognition by Interbrand follows hot on the heels of Kia’s recent introduction to Interbrand’s 50 Best Global Green Brands 2013, in which Kia placed 37th this past June. Click here for more information.



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