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November Kia Fan Photos of the Month

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This month we have an eclectic range of fan photos. Enjoy this month’s rides! If you have cool photos of your Kia, submit them and you’ll get your chance to shine and be featured in our fan photos of the month.


Picture Source: Kenneth from Canada via Facebook

Hi Kenneth, Thanks for sharing this serene and scenic picture of your Kia. Look at the fall foliage! Very beautiful~! Some parts of the world have already entered the winter season and seen their first snowfall and may already be experiencing nostalgia for fall foliage and autumn colors. Thanks Kenneth for the pictures. We hope you share photos of your Kia cars during the winter season.


“I did it last week I was so bored haha”- 19 year old Georgio from Lebanon via Facebook

Hi Georgio. Thank you for sharing the photo with us. How long did it take you to decorate your Optima? We’d love to see more decorated photos of your Kia Optima so feel free to share with us.


 Picture Source: Mazmeen Kamil from Malaysia via Facebook

We have another Superman fan from Malaysia, except our little man of steel is too young to drive but he already has great taste! What was your dream car when you were young? Share with us in the comments section below.


Picture Source: anonymous fan from Seoul, Korea

We have a submission of the Kia Soul from an anonymous fan. Thank you for sharing this!  We’re curious to see what the interior looks like. If you are the owner, tell us more about yourself in the comments section.

To view additional photos of customized and designed Kia Soul, click on the following link: These Kia Souls are Ready for Halloween

kia5.1.jpg “Hi I am Annabelle Hongcuay from the Philippines. I have Kia Picanto for 5 years 2008 model, I really like Kia, very smooth in running, very cute and easy to park and there is no need to have a big space and very excellent performance. Now I have plans to buy the Kia Rio 2014 model here in Dubai with my husband. Thank you Kia for the convenient ride. I love it.”

Hi Annabelle. Thank you for this lovely photo of your family and your Kia. Your yellow Kia Picanto must stand out in the streets. What color Kia Rio are you planning to buy? When you purchase your new Kia Rio 2014, be sure to submit a photo!

Take a look at fan photos from previous months: BUZZ Fan Photos of the Month and don’t be shy to submit your photos here!



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