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Kia builds new school in Malawi

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As a global automaker, Kia is always seeking opportunities to grow with local communities and firmly believes in the value of corporate social responsibility (CSR). For Kia, this just means giving back to the community—which is why Kia launched the Green Light Project’ back in 2012 for communities in Africa, which help build facilities, such as new schools, that aim to provide improved access to health care and education by supporting the sustained growth of the community.

Today, Kia takes another great leap in the Green Light Project with the opening of a new Green Light School in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, a small country located in Southeast Africa. Kia has built a secondary school in Lilongwe, where the majority of residents receive minimal medical care and the children’s secondary school enrollment rate is under 30 percent. With the new Green Light School, Kia hopes to help local residents have greater access to educational resources and continue to grow together as a community.


Kia plans to continue supporting the local members and students by supporting local after-school programs over the next five years. The ultimate goal of the Green Light Project is to encourage social mobility so that the local community can be self-reliant and sustainable.

Kia employees step out

Another big part of the Green Light Project is to bring together Kia employees for meaningful social activities and engage them with Kia’s corporate values. Prior to this Green Light School opening in Malawi, just last week, a group of 24 Kia employees visited Tanzania to support the project.


During the 10 days of their visit, volunteers helped with school facility construction and renovation, school bus maintenance training, in-class educational activities and home-visit programs. They even hosted an intramural sporting event for the local communities to come together and have fun.


Kia has also funded the construction of a secondary school in Mozambique and several health clinics in Malawi. Kia plans to invest in the Green Light Project until 2018. In this way, Kia plans to extend the Green Light Project to other regions and continue turning the ‘green lights’ on for those communities in need.

To learn more about Kia’s social responsibility endeavors, click here.



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