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Kia Soul named Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year!

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What better way to enjoy a more active lifestyle than with a car that suits that lifestyle? Take the 2015 Kia Soul for instance, which was recently named the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year, for the third time in a row, at the 11th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle awards. The 2015 Kia Soul is a fun and funky urban passenger vehicle that is perfectly suited to a fun and funky urban lifestyle.


Nina Russin, founder of the Active Lifestyle Vehicle program, noted that the Soul’s “cargo area, [which is] versatile enough to meet the needs of triathletes, cyclists, skiers and kayakers,” was a huge factor in being chosen this year. That with the Soul’s compact frame, easy maneuverability, style and design made it a clear stand-out over other candidates.

The Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year is chosen by local media and athletes, who rated the Kia Soul the best in the urban category in static and dynamic evaluations. Unsurprisingly, the 2015 Kia Soul is one of Kia Motors America’s best-selling cars, with more than 115,000 units sold already this year.

Thanks for the award (again)! We are so honored that the 2015 Kia Soul was picked as an Active Lifestyle Vehicle for this year, and Kia will continue on in our efforts to make the most attractive and versatile vehicles, suitable for all drivers and lifestyles.


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