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5 winter driving tips for a safe holiday

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As the year-end holidays approach, some of you are already facing up to the bitter cold. Did you know that when it’s cold outside your cars require the most care and upkeep? Today, for a safer and merrier winter for our fans, Kia presents the most helpful tips for cold weather car maintenance.


1. Avoid warming up your vehicle in an enclosed area

While all of us prefer getting into a warm car during the chilly seasons, it can be very dangerous to heat up a vehicle in an enclosed area without air circulation. However cold outside, it is simply not worth the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Warm up your car outside or only after you have opened your garage door.


2. Save your car from freezing up

In order to avoid your gas lines from freezing up, your gas tank should be at least half filled at all times. For your cooling system, it is ideal to use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water to lower the freezing point of engine fluid.


(Photo courtesy of Instagram user @sergey3avyalov)

3. Double check all maintenance routines

To prepare for more challenging road conditions during winter, be extra cautious about your car’s tires, brakes, battery, and windshield. When examining the tires, check that they have adequate tread and pressure.


4. Keep your line of vision clear

For the safe driving during winter, driver visibility is critical. Make sure your car has enough windshield wiper fluid, optimized for cold conditions. This will help prevent your washer pump from freezing up. Wipers should be all the way down when parking in extreme temperatures so that they don’t freeze to the windshield and get damaged.


(Photo courtesy of Instagram user @michelleerowee)

5. Safety is the key to winter driving

Increase your stopping distances by as much as ten times in snow and ice for your safety. Remember that speed limits are set for roads in the best of weather conditions and slow down if the road is covered with ice or snow. If you start to feel some wheel spin, try pulling away in second gear.

Use these winter driving tips to get ready for the cold months ahead. May you all have a warm and happy winter with your Kia!


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