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A Masterpiece of Our Time: All-new Kia Cadenza

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Last March, the all-new 2017 Kia Cadenza made its stunning debut at the 2016 New York International Auto Show. Creating a buzz among Kia fans and industry onlookers alike, this attractive luxury sedan revealed how far Kia Motors has come and where it’s headed in the future.



The second-generation Cadenza adds an extra dose of excitement to the full-size sedan category with its striking handsome looks and premium refinements. Everything – from the meticulously crafted cabin, cutting-edge connectivity and driver assistance features to its sturdy body structure and powertrain – has been improved to provide an upgraded experience behind the wheel.


Sleek and Confident Exterior

Focusing on Kia’s “simplicity of the straight line” design ethos, the Cadenza’s precisely constructed exterior emanates confidence, with clean lines perfectly balanced by expressive details.




Kia’s Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer explains that Cadenza’s single gestural contour spans the length of the car, creating its sleek profile. Together with matching Z-shaped lighting signatures in the headlights and LED taillights, the all-new Cadenza projects a more distinctive road presence, day or night.




Meanwhile the signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille has evolved into a new hexagonal shape that emphasizes the car’s visual width. Its new concave form gives the Cadenza a more expressive and well-defined face.

The exterior design also contributes to improved performance. The lowered overall height of the Cadenza is a stylish but practical upgrade. The new optimized positioning of the suspension and tires lowers the center of gravity, resulting in enhanced vehicle stability.

Another notable refinement is the chrome accents placed tastefully throughout the car body.



Ergonomically Designed Interior


2017 Cadenza


The interior features of the all-new Cadenza were refined to create a more pleasant driving experience. The front and rear seats, lowered for stability and extra headroom, gives the Cadenza a sporty, edgier look. An innovative cushion extension mechanism slides and rotates to deliver extended comfort for drivers behind the wheel.




Perhaps the most attractive feature of the 2017 Cadenza is the Head Up Display (HUD) that displays information on the windshield directly in the driver’s line of sight. Additional upgrades such as the Around View Monitor, rear camera for parking assist, and smart control system for seat warmers add up to an ergonomically intelligent design that enhances the Cadenza’s driving experience.



Moreover, the high quality materials and soft interior contours add sheer luxury to the Cadenza’s already attractive cabin.


Delivering Performance

The new Cadenza is built upon a strong foundation with a body structure composed of more than 50 percent Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) with stronger side body panels to improve the sedan’s dent resistance.




The new 3.3-liter V6 engine affords high efficiency and lower emissions. Furthermore, Kia’s newly developed FWD-based eight-speed automatic transmission is highly efficient, providing quick and crisp shifts for a more enjoyable driving experience that will set it apart from competitors.

Most importantly, with cutting-edge driver assistance features, the 2017 Cadenza will be the first Kia to be sold under the DRIVE WiSE sub-brand (in the US only for the time being). The newly introduced features will ensure more confident handling and safer driving.




Improving upon many elements of its already successful predecessor, the all-new Kia Cadenza made an unforgettable global debut. Handsome, luxurious and refined, the second-generation model is set for launch in overseas markets later this year. Take a closer look at the magnificent features of Kia’s newest luxury sedan!


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