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Vamos Rafa! Celebrating Ten Years Together

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Global tennis sensation Rafael ‘Rafa’ Nadal has maintained a long and meaningful partnership with Kia Motors since 2006. Each year has been a whirlwind of excitement but this year is especially significant as it marks the tenth year that the King of Clay has served as our brand ambassador.




The hero of Kia’s many advertising campaigns and beloved spokesperson for the brand, Rafa has actively participated in promoting Kia and our messages to global audiences. As a passionate player, fierce competitor, and humble champion, Rafa is an ideal fit with Kia’s vibrant and dynamic image and we have appreciated his efforts during every step of our journey together.




Following his most recent victory at the 2016 Monte-Carlo Masters, we reunited with our tennis superstar in Madrid for a special media event. Members of Europe’s influential media gathered for a meet and greet with our ambassador as Rafa enthusiastically unveiled Kia’s all-new fourth generation Sportage.



In addition to the grand unveiling ceremony and press conference, Rafa gave exclusive interviews discussing his latest performance and participation in the 2016 Madrid Open. With an exciting and auspicious season ahead, all eyes are on Rafa as he continues to be a major force in the tennis world.




In celebration of the tenth anniversary with Kia, we also had the opportunity to sit down with our longtime friend as he shared thoughts and feelings about our partnership. Having forged a synergetic bond with Rafa early in his career, Kia Motors has been lucky enough to experience growth and success along with our beloved champion. With this world star by our side, we will continue to nurture and hone our ‘Power to Surprise.’



Thank you for the ten remarkable years Rafa! We look forward to continuing this wonderful partnership for years to come!


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