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Kia’s passion for sports strikes gold!

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Love of the Game

Sports have long been an unwavering passion for Kia Motors and we strongly believe in the power of sports to move the world. In support of the passion, cooperation, and touching moments of human potential that sports competitions offer, Kia is wholeheartedly involved in sponsorship activities for athletes and major and minor sporting events worldwide.



Tennis and football are among the few major sports that Kia sponsors


Having taken part in promoting some of the most highly anticipated events such as the Australian Open tennis championship, FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Football Championship, we are committed to furthering the development of sports around the world.

In addition to supporting and nurturing the popular tournaments on site, Kia has focused on creating unforgettable memories and building emotional connections with global fans through the creative use of social media. With innovative social media campaigns, Kia seeks to build bonds with spectators and give them a chance to connect with the brand in a more personal and meaningful way.


Kia’s ‘Golden’ Social Media Campaigns




Recently, Kia was honored with prestigious recognition from Stevie’s International Business Awards for our social media campaign executed during the sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The campaign was named a Gold Stevie winner, taking home the top prize among all social media-focused PR campaign entries from regions excluding Europe, and was praised for generating strong presence and awareness in the social media community.



In order to truly move and engage fans, Kia Motors developed a diverse and exciting range of content under the theme ‘Festival for Fans’ for our Facebook and Twitter pages. From real-time match content to the ‘Take Me 2 Brazil’ event that put fans in the spotlight for a chance to travel to Brazil and attend a quarter-final match, Kia’s social channels collected a rich pool of stories that memorialized the football tournament in a way that was meaningful to our fans. Kia also brought to light the brand’s event-related CSR activities with moving films titled ‘Surprises Make Surprises’ and ‘Make-A-Wish Come True’ that generated powerful reactions and extraordinary results.



In just nine weeks, our Facebook and Twitter campaign generated an impressive reach of 150,000,000 users combined. Kia was mentioned a total of 1.3 million times in the social landscape, and thus became the most mentioned brand among the official FIFA Partners. The scale and successful results of the campaign not only raised Kia’s global brand value but also earned us the highest prize at the Stevie Awards, considered to be the Oscars of the business world.


What’s Next? Look out for the #HEARTOFTHEGAME

As Kia celebrates this incredible accomplishment, we are already warming up for our next major social campaign for the 2016 UEFA European Championship.




As a pre-campaign, Kia is currently in the process of selecting young participants to serve as Official Match Ball Carriers (OMBCs) to provide passionate fans and football hopefuls an unforgettable and potentially life-changing experience.

With the official event kick-off, Kia will continue capture the interest of fans through a delightful range of #EURO2016 content, bringing together fans from all over the world. As we continue to create digital memories of the event as they unfold, don’t miss out on what might be the greatest, most exciting EURO experience yet! Stay tuned!


 Read more about Kia’s Brand Ambassador Nadal!


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