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Carry Your Dream – Kia kicks off UEFA Euro 2016!

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The 2016 UEFA European Championships are just around the corner, and needless to say, excitement is already running high. As proud sponsors of the largest football event in Europe, Kia Motors is already doing our part to energize the audience for the exciting month ahead.




As it has done since the 2008 UEFA EURO Championship, Kia sends out casting calls for young football fans to participate as Official Match Ball Carriers (OMBCs) during the tournament. This year, Kia invited children from 15 countries and released heart-touching films based on real life events of past OMBC competition winners. In the films, the winners shared their experiences of the event and how the opportunity helped further their football dreams. We believe that the story of Kristian Hirka will especially resonate with football hopefuls, as he is currently living out his dream as a professional football player in his home country of Slovakia.



Young footballers between the ages of 10 to 14 were encouraged to apply by sharing personal football-related stories with their local Kia distributors. A vast number of adults also submitted applications, nominating promising friends and family members.

After careful review of countless applications filled with interesting stories and touching aspirations, 15 winners have been announced so far. With the world waiting on the final announcement by tournament’s host country of France, Kia is already looking forward to seeing these young talented football hopefuls out on the pitch with their heroes for the experience of a lifetime.

Take a look at the bright and happy faces of the 2016 Official Match Ball Carriers below and click on their picture to read their individual stories!


kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016


kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016


kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016


 kia-ombc-2016 kia-ombc-2016


The official tournament kicks off in France on June 10th and will continue until July. Stay tuned for the excitement of the 2016 UEFA EURO competition and don’t forget to cheer on the children as they carry their dreams (and the match ball, of course!) out onto the field!


This story is the first of a three part series for the 2016 UEFA EURO. Don’t miss out on the next two stories coming soon!


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