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Kia design studios, the birthplace of tomorrow’s dream cars

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There was a time when car designs were simple. What mattered more was whether or not the nuts and bolts were in proper order. It was not until the era when vehicles became standardized and mass produced that automotive development centered on exterior styling and customized utilities. Today, cars are evolving into beautiful creations and exterior style has become the emotional punch that moves and entices prospective customers.

Today’s automobile designs place emphasis on more than just external aesthetics. Most automobile design today involves deep consideration of ergonomics, performance features and driving technology based on consumer needs. Automobile design has come full circle in creating good looking cars that are also enjoyable and safe to drive.


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Kia Motors, under the direction of chief designer and president Peter Schreyer, has been pursuing the goal of creating dream cars through innovative design strategies. Applying Kia’s design philosophy, ‘The Simplicity of the Straight Line,’ Kia designers have been focused on communication of clarity, precision and distinctiveness through automobile designs that feature simple shapes and thoughtful details. Furthermore, Kia’s signature tiger-nose grille, our powerful visual symbol, gives the Kia family a unique and consistent look, allowing fans to unmistakably notice and identify the brand’s models from afar.

So where are Kia’s youthful, sporty, and evolutionary designs being developed? Read on to find out more about Kia’s global design network and stellar design teams that work tirelessly on designing the future.


The Global Styling Hub, Namyang Design Center






Kia’s Namyang Design Center, first opened in 1977, was completely reborn thanks to a brand new facility that opened in May of 2014. The 18,690 m2 facility is home to an automated CNC milling Machine, large-scale 3-D printer and video model evaluation system, and operates as the current day global hub for the brand’s design innovations. As the breeding ground for Kia cars, the Namyang center shoulders all aspects of car design including the planning and conceptualization of new automobile design. Designers at Namyang closely monitor and research the latest design trends to understand, style and prototype evolutionary car design to eventually reach perfected designs.




With world-class design capabilities and state-of-the-art tools, the Namyang team aggressively employs innovative materials and techniques using computer-based modeling to build vibrant models that will keep Kia on top as a reputable automaker.


The Global Design Network

The efforts in Namyang are supported by Kia’s satellite design centers in the United States and Europe. The U.S. Design Center, located in the Kia Motors America headquarters in Irvine, California, executes Kia’s design strategy in the region. Developing stunning show cars and competitive models for many market segments, the design work at the U.S. Design Center helps refine and improve many of Kia’s globally renowned cars.






The design characteristics of the center are also beautifully noteworthy. The 9,355m2 glass and steel structure is well-lit with a combination of natural and artificial light. Sprawling and bright with contemporary details, the building quite fittingly represents the extensive work and creative vigor that takes place within.



The European Design Center based in Frankfurt, Germany is also changing the way the brand is perceived by European as well as global audiences. As the first Kia design center independent of its sister company Hyundai Motor, the center represents Kia’s solo venture in emerging as a stand-alone brand. This expansion, backed by our committed design crew, has helped Kia emerge as one of the fastest growing brands in Europe, surprising and intriguing European consumers previously unfamiliar with Kia’s design work and vehicle line-up.




Housed in the unique high-rise headquarters of Kia Motors Europe, the European Design Center employs a small but dedicated multicultural team steadfastly devoted to developing striking and distinctive designs that cater to the taste of European buyers.




For many years, Kia Motors has been dedicated to establishing a leading and unique brand identity by delivering groundbreaking and cutting-edge designs. Stay tuned as Kia’s global design squad continues to surprise the world!


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