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Kia’s boxy rides

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When the first funky boxy vehicles were introduced several years ago, many may have thought that the ‘box on wheels’ concept was quite unconventional, strange even. While boxy cars may not be the fastest or the most luxurious of automobiles out there, more and more people have started to recognize the unique combination of style and practicality that these cars have to offer.




Boxy cars not only allow for an efficient use of space but also come with a distinct style that makes them stand out among other ‘curvy’ models. Today let’s take a look at Kia’s box-shaped cars that are winning the hearts of city drivers everywhere.


Ray, The Compact Family Car




First introduced in 2011, the Kia Ray is a multi-purpose compact CUV designed for urban driving. Ray’s strikingly boxy design and vivid colors make it the perfect choice for any city driver seeking a delightful multi-functional vehicle for the road.

The Ray, complete with Kia’s signature tiger-nose grille with unique headlamps, is characterized by a happy and inviting face. The angular boxy body and wide stance of the model are eye-catchingly attractive and further ensure stability and confidence.




Perhaps the most noticeably stylistic feature on the Ray is its sliding rear door. This function not only adds style but also allows for easier passenger entry and exit in narrow spaces. The Ray may be a compact car but don’t be misled by its compact exterior! The biggest advantage of this model is its roomy interior maximized by the boxy shape and tall height. The sliding door also allows for an unobstructed opening that contributes to increased cargo utility.




Although the Ray is a compact car designed for busy and narrow city spaces, it can also be utilized as a recreational family vehicle thanks to its spaciousness and efficient storage utilization. The modern silhouette as well as the roomy and versatile nature of the Ray make it a striking and appealing choice for consumers. Currently only available in Korea, the Ray comes in both gasoline and full-electric versions and has garnered countless admirers around the world.


Soul, The Boxy Urban Crossover Vehicle




Kia Soul, first produced in 2008, is one of Kia’s strongest sellers and the first box car model to be produced in Korea. Compared to the Ray, the Soul incorporates sloping edges that give the model a more streamlined and rounded appearance. Now in its second generation, the Soul – lower in height and longer in length than the Ray – boasts more masculine lines that contribute to its strong and dynamic image.




Everything about this 5-door hatchback screams hip and funky. First capturing the world with the widely popular Kia hamsters commercials, the Soul features a wide range of interesting exterior and interior design elements that have established a ‘fashionable car’ image that has helped Soul make its way to the top of the wish list for young drivers.




The Soul offers ample headroom and legroom in all seats while the sloping roofline, complete with a panoramic sunroof, also adds to the spaciousness. So reliable is the Kia Soul, in fact, that Pope Francis of the Vatican chose the model to be the official transport vehicle during his historic visit to Korea in 2014.




The fun-to-drive nature and top-of-the-line features of the box-shaped Kia Soul has made it an explosively popular model in many regions of the globe. The Soul is also available in an EV (electric vehicle) version that features a low-sitting front fascia that makes for an even more dynamic Kia face.

Since their emergence onto the automotive scene, Kia’s boxy cars have gained a loyal and fervent following. The versatile and sweet-faced Kia Ray and the dynamically charming Soul each appeal to the world’s consumers with their distinct aesthetics and utility. So get ready to take your Ray or Soul out for a spin this summer and look out for more developments from Kia’s box-shaped car line-up!


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