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Kia marches toward environmental conservation

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True to our commitment to becoming a leading green brand, Kia Motors is already making significant progress in reducing our environmental impact. The ongoing efforts to improve production methods over the past 12 months have resulted in lower greenhouse gas emissions, less waste and reduced consumption of resources. In addition, Kia has taken further initiatives to expand green spaces around its major production sites. In celebration of today’s International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, read on to find out more about Kia’s eco-friendly practices!


Greater push for efficiency

In order to reduce the waste of raw materials, Kia has taken steps to improve production methods with a push for greater efficiency. Since 2014, Kia’s clean manufacturing processes have resulted in a 12.4% per-unit reduction in the volume of raw materials consumed such as steel and paint.



Waste water treatment facility at the Kia Hwaseong Plant in Korea


With a range of measures aimed at water conservation including the employee water conservation campaign and improvement of water recovery during manufacturing, Kia has also managed to decrease total water consumption by 5.5% since 2015.




The more efficient use of raw materials has resulted in the reduction of waste despite the growth in production. Kia is also making extra efforts to recycle by finding alternative uses for nearly 94% of waste materials. These measures have been incredibly successful; the Sohari manufacturing facility, boasting a production capacity of 340,000 units annually, has generated no landfill waste since 2008.


Drop in emissions

Kia also seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during production through close and careful monitoring of emission rates. In fact, Kia is the first Korean company to utilize third-party evaluations, with the Korea Energy Management Corporation tracking gas emissions from its service and production facilities. As a result, per-unit emission of carbon dioxide during production has decreased by 2.8% annually. Meanwhile, emissions from Kia vehicles have also been slashed dramatically and are now 53% lower than in 2003.



The paint shop in Kia”s Mexico production plant is one of the cleanest in Mexico


Kia is also employs state-of-the-art technology to further reduce its environmental footprint. The Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system found in the paint shop of the Mexico production facility collects volatile organic compounds onsite and purified contaminants before releasing air into the atmosphere.



Massive green spaces around the Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia plant in the US


In addition, Kia further eases environmental impact through the creation of green spaces around its production facilities. With the total of 4.94 million trees planted across its worldwide production sites, Kia has introduced a high proportion of green areas to prevent soil contamination and ensure carbon dioxide emissions are alleviated through natural means.





Green areas, including a flower garden, can be found at the Zilina production plant in Slovakia


As of 2015, the green spaces created around Kia’s production sites totaled an area of 3,507,276 m2, a figure equivalent to 858 soccer fields.

Kia has invested millions of dollars in green initiatives for its domestic plants alone and our ecofriendly practices are far from over. Year after year, investments in green programs are increasing and many new initiatives are expected to roll out for Kia’s global network in the near future. The brand’s efforts in the development of green cars and the use of recyclable and ecofriendly materials in vehicles will further seek to reduce our impact on the environment.




Kia’s effective innovations in reducing the impact of our production facilities and vehicles on the environment will ensure a brighter future and a cleaner place for generations to come.

Read more about our environmental initiatives in the 2016 MOVE magazine!


▶  Read the 2016 MOVE Sustainability Magazine

▶ Learn more about Kia’s youth program for environmental conservation!



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