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Sportage emerges as best-seller in Israel

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Israel has had a great year in terms of automobile sales as the vehicle delivery record posted in 2015 – 254,000 units – is expected to be broken in the next few weeks. What is more exciting is that for the first time in Israel’s history, the country’s best-selling car is not just a crossover SUV, but none other than our very own Kia Sportage!




Of the 245,000 new vehicles to hit the road from January to September this year, the Sportage has taken the top spot with over 12,300 units sold. Kia Picanto, our charming city car and the best-selling car in Israel last year, follows as a close second with approximately 11,900 units delivered.




Sales of SUVs have been rising in recent years, with a growing variety of stylish vehicles in the market. The Sportage enjoys popularity thanks to its wide range of technical features unavailable in other competitive models in its price category. With sophisticated upgrades such as active steering, automatic braking, lane departure and forward collision warning systems, our prize-winning SUV punches well above its price-point.

Kia is also highly ranked second in monthly and total sales in Israel, only conceding the top spot to its sister company Hyundai Motor.




Kia Israel was named one of the top performing Kia distributors in 2015, and we are looking forward to sharing more great news towards the end of this year. Stay tuned as we bring you more successes from our global network!


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