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SEMA 2016 – Reimagining Kia for the future

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The Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is always an exciting event and a great chance for brands to show off their creativity and innovation. Taking place again at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Kia brought five custom-made vehicles that envisioned the future of driving to its booth this year.

While catering to the diversity of the modern world, this year’s collection of Kia’s vehicles envision a future where vehicles will not only drive autonomously but be tailor-built to our lifestyles. Read on to find out more about our models displayed at SEMA 2016!


For those who love challenges – Niro Triathlon




Kia’s newest hybrid utility vehicle, Niro, has undergone a transformation to serve as a solid companion through the extreme and often lonely triathlon experience. A training assistant and refuge for relaxation, the Niro Triathlon is a superb combination of both comfort and top-notch training technology.






A space for a small bed and bike rack was created by removing the rear roof of the Niro, allowing bikes to be locked into place for repairs and transport. Laser lights mounted at the rear provide an LED bike lane for bikers to follow behind while the Niro autonomously keeps pace ahead. The tablet attached inside the vehicle allows riders to monitor speed, time and distance druing training. In addition to these training functions, the Niro is complete with an ergonomic reclining chair and portable shower for effective relaxation.


For aspiring musicians – School of Rock Sedona




In partnership with School of Rock, a company dedicated to providing performance-based music education, Kia Sedona has been redesigned into a ‘gig van’ for musicians-in-training. The self-driving features of the model eliminate all possibility of human error so that parents can be assured that their children travel safely on gigs. The flashy paintjob of the Sedona makes the vehicle a sturdy and stylish mode of transportation for the young performers.






Serving as a rolling recording studio, the enhancements in the Sedona include a digital mixing board, dual flat-screen monitors, speakers and ceiling-mounted boom mic. The entire cabin has been insulated with acoustic foam panels to reduce unwanted noise during recording sessions. In preparation for impromptu roadside performances, a stack of amps has also been wired within the trunk of the Sedona.


For those who love winter sports – Sorento Ski Gondola





Built to take on the snowy slopes and freezing climates, the Sorento Ski Gondola is a luxurious go-anywhere machine. The newly modified Sorento provides ample space to store skis, boots and other winter gear while the orange-accented power tracks carry the SUV with strength and ease onto higher ground. The silver and orange LED light bars mounted on the roof enable increased visibility in all conditions.




The interior of the vehicle not only has been refurbished with orange and black leather but is also finished with waterproof treatment to protect against ice and snow.




For business people on-the-go – Soul First Class




Living up to its name, the Soul First Class is a relaxing mode of transportation for people who often journey to out-of-town destinations for business. Upon entry, passengers are greeted by rear facing seats with a 40-inch LED TV, computer system and premium audio speakers.






This self-driving car lacks a steering wheel and is controlled using two tablets. Contributing to the luxurious ambiance, the interior of the cabin has been fully lined in white and grey leather with diamond stitching and modern gray wood flooring. With luxurious enhancements and autonomous driving, the Soul First Class is all about optimizing work and rest for the busy business professional.


For the health conscious – Telluride




Also making its SEMA debut is Kia’s Telluride concept car. The striking seven-seater luxury hybrid SUV features cutting-edge health technology for sublime comfort and relaxation. Originally revealed at the 2016 NAIAS earlier this year, the Telluride features modern sophistication and savvy innovations and is a great fit for Kia’s SEMA line-up.


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