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Mercedes Ranked First Among Women Car Shoppers

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Mercedes-Benz topped the list of car brands as rated by women on both purchasing experiences and browsing experiences at dealerships according to a new report.

In the survey by Women-Drivers.com, women now account for over half of all car purchases while influencing and initiating an estimated 80 percent of them. The website tracks thousands of consumer reviews with regards to women’s purchasing and browsing experiences and scores are compiled from those reviews as written in 2012. Dealership scores range from 1.0 to 5.0 and those that score 3.8 or higher are recognized as Certified Women-Drivers Friendly.

In the purchasing experience at dealerships category, Mercedes topped the list with an almost perfect score of 4.90 while Lexus was not far behind with 4.83. Rounding off the top five was Dodge (4.78), Chrysler (4.76), and Jeep (4.75). Lincoln (4.72), Acura (4.55), Chevrolet (4.51), Buick (4.48), and Honda (4.39) completes the list of the top 10 brands for purchasing experiences at dealerships.

As for the browsing experience, Mercedes was top again with a score of 4.59 while Jeep was in second with 4.53. Third place went to Mazda with a 4.38, while fourth was Chevrolet with a 4.24. The fifth spot belonged to Lexus (4.10) while Chrysler (4.07), GMC (4.02), Hyundai (3.99), Acura and Ford (3.97, tied for ninth), and Dodge (3.92) finish off the top ten.

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