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Kia Shows its Soul with Music-Themed SEMA Projects

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Kia put its funky Soul model on center stage at this year’s SEMA Show.

Five Souls made their presence known at the Las Vegas Convention Center, ranging from mild to wild, but all driven by the theme of music. Highlighting the display was the “DJ Booth” Soul, which had its roof removed in order to give the DJ the ability to rise up and stand on a custom diamond-plate stage. Influenced by both EDM and hip hop, the DJ Booth Soul has been outfitted with 19-inch Rotiform wheels, lowered with Ark Performance springs while LED lighting, front and rear strobes and plenty of stereo equipment makes sure the music is loud and clear.

2013 SEMA Show Complete Coverage

The Voice Soul was themed after the popular television show with the inspiring words “I Want You” illuminated in the front grille. For those that are not familiar with the show’s format, four judges sit facing away from the performer – if the judges like what they hear, they push a button to turn their chair around and underneath it will illuminate with the words “I Want You.” Those same chairs were replicated in the interior that has also been decked out with red leather, black suede and red stitching.

Transforming the Amped Soul to a larger-than-life project is JBL Pro Live sound equipment that has been integrated into the rear-hinged doors. It’s basically a giant boom box on wheels, further accented by LED ambient lighting and four 12-inch Infinity subwoofers. That particular project rolls on massive 22-inch Forgiato wheels and also had its passenger-side B-pillar removed to make room for the club-sized stereo.

Then there’s the Van’s Warped Tour Soul that sees its side windows replaced with custom-built fiberglass body panels housing eight Infinity eight-inch speakers. Mounted atop the car is a 50-inch flat-panel monitor that runs footage frmo the tour itself. Making it extra special is a slide-out rear barbeque for the full music-inspired tailgating experience.

Finally, the Music Memorabilia Soul that features a signed Slash guitar, a G-Unit speaker signed by 50 Cent, a Jimi Hendrix gold album and a signed John Legend microphone. All are displayed in hand-built Plexiglas enclosures in the trunk, rear windows and rear hatch insert. The Music Memorabilia Soul has been influenced by platinum and gold records, getting a PPG waterborne platinum silver paint job. Finishing accents include gold exhaust tips and anodized 20-inch gold HRE wheels.

GALLERY: DJ Booth Kia Soul


GALLERY: Van’s Warped Tour Kia Soul


GALLERY: The Voice Kia Soul


GALLERY: Music Memorabilia Kia Soul


GALLERY: Amped Kia Soul


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