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Hyundai Pokes Holes in Government MPG Tests

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Hyundai launched an online campaign today aimed at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Earlier today during a press conference in Washington D.C., the EPA announced that it reached a settlement with Hyundai and Kia that will cost the automakers $350 million for misreporting fuel economy numbers on several of its vehicles. In November, 2012, the companies admitted to embellishing fuel consumption estimates on 13 nameplates. At the time, Hyundai found itself backpedaling after basing its marketing campaigns on high fuel economy.

In a six-minute video uploaded to Hyundai USA’s official YouTube channel, the company outlined how automakers derive fuel economy estimates and how the auditing process works. In the video, Hyundai explains how automobile manufacturers can arrive at different fuel economy estimates than the EPA does during its auditing process.

The EPA was not immediately available to comment.

Without explaining how it specifically conducts tests, Hyundai refers to “some manufacturers” at several points in its video while describing the coast down testing process used to calibrate the dynamometer for individual vehicles going through fuel economy testing. It also explains what it says are the primary differences in how the EPA audits are conducted.

The total cost that Hyundai and Kia will pay includes a $100 million civil penalty, $50 million to establish an independent fuel economy testing group and the forfeiture of 4.75 million in greenhouse gas emissions credits valued at roughly $200 million.

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