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Kia Sorento Spied With a New Facelift

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The Kia Sorento is already getting a facelift based on recent spy photos.

Having introduced a redesigned model early last year, the Korean automaker isn’t wasting anytime updating its SUV to stay competitive in a crowded segment. Surprisingly, it appears Kia is keeping the Sorento on a fast update track, considering the redesigned 2016 model came just two years after its last major update.

Spy photographers noticed something even more interesting with the heavily camouflaged prototype. On the vehicle itself, there’s a label with a new “QM” code name, which is peculiar since typically vehicles tend to keep their internal codenames the same for facelifts. In the case of the Sorento, the current model has a “UM” code name, hinting that this facelift could actually have a lot more goodies packed under its sheetmetal.

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Rumor has it that the updated Sorento won’t arrive until 2018, which is on par with how quickly Kia is updating the SUV. Expect to see more luxurious features for the interior and don’t be surprised if the company updates its powertrain offerings and suspension given that it’s using a new code name. Unfortunately it’s difficult to see what changes are heading to its exterior because of all the camouflage and snow it is buried under, but it does look like the front end is getting updated with a new grille and headlights that follow with the latest in Kia design. There’s also heavy camouflage on the rear of the vehicle, so expect changes there too.

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