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Kia Brings 4 Slightly Crazy Self-Driving Concepts to SEMA

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Kia just unveiled four new concept vehicles on the opening day of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, all of which will be able to drive themselves.

The vehicles were all built with an autonomous driving future in mind and were designed to suit the needs of various different lifestyles. They are the Nitro Triathlon, the School of Rock Sedona, the Soul First Class and the imposing Sorento Ski Gondola.

Niro Triathlon

The Nitro Triathlon is a custom crossover built with the tri-athlete in mind, according to Kia. It is a custom take on the original 2017 Nitro hybrid, but its roof has been removed from the D-pillars back, creating a small bed, and allows for a custom bike rack, which was fitted with a FELT tri-bike for display. It also features a tool box and tablet computer mount. One of the fancier features is the ONEU safety laser bike lane light mounted to the rear of the vehicle, which illuminates a laser LED road behind the vehicle, “and the athlete can easily monitor speed, time and distance covered via the tablet while the Nitro autonomously keeps pace.”

School of Rock Sedona

The School of Rock Sedona is a product of Kia partnering with the School of Rock, an educational company that provides after-school music instruction to kids between the ages of 8 and 18. This Kia comes with a custom, hand-painted design as well. The most significant enhancements to this Sedona include the removal of the driver-side B-pillar, steering assembly and gear selector. According to Kia, this makes room for a digital mixing board and dual flat-screen monitors to record tracks on the go. It has front-mounted rear speakers for the tunes, and even a recording light illuminates the roof when a track is being laid down. There’s also a mic that hangs from the ceiling, and acoustic foam panels line the interior to reduce exterior noise.

Sorento Ski Gondola

The Sorento Ski Gondola is a custom Sorento built by LUX Motorwerks to transport skiers up the snowy and icy slopes for another run. Instead of wheels, this Sorento has four large Dominator Rubber Tracks to help it get through the snow. It has a custom metal roof rack for supplies, skis, and any other necessities. The B-pillar has been removed for extra cargo storage space, and the rear doors are now suicide-style doors. The headlights are painted black, silver and orange, and LED light bars are present for increased visibility in blizzard-like conditions.

Soul First Class

The Soul First Class is, according to Kia, “an upscale inter-city chariot that lets business travelers work and relax as they journey to out-of-town meetings and destinations.” Also created by LUX Motorwerks, this Soul has rear-facing seats, no steering wheel and a wide array or luxury enhancements, including a 40-inch Samsung LED TV connected to a Mac mini computer, and features several speakers throughout the cabin. There’s a custom center console with two tablets that control the vehicle. The upholstery is made up of white and gray leather with diamond stitching and gray wood flooring. It also has a new blue coat of paint and modified upper and lower grilles that have LED lighting, and fancy 19-inch rims to top it off.

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