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Gert (proceed 2020)

Dakdragers proceed met glazendak 2020

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    • By Wutroe
      Ik vind het leuk om af en toe foto's te maken van mijn Proceed. Eerder gebruikte ik nog wel eens een echte camera, tegenwoordig alleen nog maar mijn telefoon.
      In verschillende topics zie ik zo af en toe mooie foto's voorbij komen. Misschien leuk om die hier te delen?

    • By Kiaclub Nieuwsrobot
      J.D. Power overhauls its Initial Quality Study for 2020, resulting in a shake-up that sees domestic brands having their best showing in years.

      Give it up for the local talent. J.D. Power has released its annual Initial Quality Study for 2020, and numerous domestic automakers have surged ahead this year. No less than half of the top 10 manufacturers are American, and one ties for the top spot overall.
      First, a note for anybody comparing 2019’s results to this: the vastly higher average number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100) isn’t due to reduced reliability. “The higher problem levels we see in this year’s study don’t mean vehicle quality has worsened,” said Dave Sargent, VP of vehicle quality at J.D. Power, “rather, the redesigned study asks additional questions that allow owners to cite more of the problems that they are experiencing.”
      The IQ Study polls owners on various issues and problems they encounter in the first 90 days of new-car ownership. J.D. Power found infotainment to be the biggest hurdle across the board. Nearly 25 percent of all problems cited were due to things like smartphone connectivity, touchscreens, voice recognition, and navigation systems.
      With that out of the way, let’s get to those top makes, in ascending order.
      10. Hyundai

      PP100: 153
      SEE ALSO: 2020 Hyundai Sonata Review
      We start with the largest Korean automaker. As a parent company (including Kia and Genesis) Hyundai scored the most segment-level wins with seven individual model awards. H-branded models to top their segment include the sporty Veloster and the compact Tucson crossover.
      Loading … 09. Volkswagen

      PP100: 152
      SEE ALSO: 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport First Drive Review
      The rebalanced 2020 IQS sees Volkswagen move from the bottom 10 to the top 10. The German brand didn’t score any outright segment wins, but the Jetta did slide onto the podium in the compact car class. Consider this a show of support for VW’s straight-forward infotainment systems.
      Loading … 08. GMC

      PP100: 151
      SEE ALSO: 2020 GMC Acadia Denali Review
      General Motors’ truck-and-SUV brand slots into eighth place with a PP100 score of 151, or 15 higher than the industry average. The GMC Sierra is the brand’s best-performing model; it actually out-performed its platform-mate, the Chevrolet Silverado.
      Loading … 07. Buick

      PP100: 150
      SEE ALSO: 2019 Buick Envision Review and First Drive
      With news that it’s cancelling its cars, Buick will join GMC as the other car-free General Motors brand. The near-luxury brand is now all crossovers, all the time. Buick will continue to focus on the high-riders this year, with the introduction of the slightly-larger Encore GX and a revised Envision on the way for 2021.
      Loading … 06. Mitsubishi

      PP100: 148
      SEE ALSO: 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review
      Here’s a surprise: Mitsubishi is the lone Japanese brand in the top 10 this year. Just three brands from the country scored above the industry average: the other two were Nissan (161 PP100) and Lexus (159). Even more surprising: Mitsubishi ranked third-last in 2019! Chalk up this year’s result to the brand’s no-frills approach to motoring, with straight-forward infotainment and high ease of use.
      Loading … 05. Genesis

      PP100: 142
      SEE ALSO: 2020 Genesis G70 Review
      The Korean brand held onto its title as the top luxury model in the IQS for 2020. That’s even more impressive when we consider Genesis has done that since it debuted in 2017. The real test will come in the next 12 months: the brand is debuting the new G80 and, more importantly, the GV80, its first SUV. Both will come with a reimagined infotainment system—how well customers take to it will determine the brand’s 2021 ranking.
      Loading … 03 (Tie). Ram

      SEE ALSO: 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Review
      PP100: 141
      FCA scores two podium finishes this year, with its Ram truck division tying for third. The American manufacturer completely re-did the 1500 for the 2019 model year, introducing more mature styling, mild-hybrid systems, and including the return of a light-duty diesel option. A big ol’ infotainment system sits right in the middle of the center console—in portrait orientation no less—but FCA’s Uconnect system is one of the best in the business.
      Loading … 03 (Tie). Chevrolet

      PP100: 141
      SEE ALSO: 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review
      The Bowtie brand shares third place with Ram for 2020. Chevrolet benefitted from two segment leaders: the mid-size Malibu sedan and the sub-compact Sonic. What’s more, the Sonic was the best-rated car overall, scoring just 103 PP100. Chevy’s crossover and SUV lineup also performed well, with segment podium spots for models including the Trax, Equinox, Blazer, and Tahoe.
      Loading … 01 (Tie). Kia

      PP100: 136
      SEE ALSO: 2020 Kia Forte GT Review
      Some things don’t change. For the sixth year in a row, Kia is the highest-ranked mass market brand in the IQS. With four segment winners—the Forte, Sedona, Sorento, and Soul—it’s hardly surprising. Customers have flocked to the Korean brand for years because of its high perceived value. More recently the brand has ladled on style and tech without any reliability worries, and this year’s results bear that out.
      Loading … 01 (Tie). Dodge

      PP100: 136
      SEE ALSO: 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody Review
      In a first for any domestic brand, Dodge tops the charts in J.D. Power’s IQS. It ties Kia with just 136 problems reported per 100 cars. Dodge has a two-pronged advantage here: it uses FCA’s intuitive Uconnect infotainment system, and most of its models, such as the Challenger, Charger, and Journey, have been in production for a long, long time. It’s given the American automaker plenty of time to target and fix any issues, and judging by this win, its work has paid off.
      Loading … The post Top 10 Manufacturers for Initial Quality: J.D. Power 2020 appeared first on AutoGuide.com.
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    • By Kiaclub Nieuwsrobot
      What is the most fuel efficient Kia model and which one delivers the wors fuel economy figures? 2020 Kia Forte...
      The post 2020 Kia Model MPG Figures Rated From Best To Worst appeared first on theKEEA.
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    • By Willytrompet
      Hoe kan ik mijn KIA NIRO automatisch verbinding laten maken met de hotspot op mijn iPhone? Ik verbind steeds met een usb kabel. Soms wordt de verbinding gelegd na enkele seconden, meestal duurt het zeer lang en moet ik op mijn iPhone de hotspot uitschakelen en dan weer inschakelen.
      Het zou handig zijn moest deze verbinding automatisch gelegd worden.
    • By HenkBhz
      Set van 4 Anzio turn zilver velgen met Michelin Energy Saver 185/65R15 banden met nog 6mm profiel diepte.
      De velgen zijn kras vrij en hebben geen stoep oid geraakt en zijn 2 zomers gebruikt.
      De banden zaten op een Rio 4 uit 2017, maar zijn nu overbodig omdat we naar een andere Kia zijn gegaan.
      Nieuwprijs van alleen de velgen was €85 per stuk. Doe een mooi bod naar waarde zou ik zeggen.

      Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk Pro
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